Assistive Technology Grant Program

Assisted Technology grant mission & qualifications

Mission of the AT Grant

Assisted Technology grant missionAssisted Technology grant mission

The DMAN Foundation has often witnessed the power and importance of Assistive and Adaptive Technology for those catastrophically injured in our community.

Imagine for a moment you’re paralyzed from the neck down, and each and every decision you make in your life needs an aid to assist you. You need help with opening doors, turning on the lights, changing channels, making phone calls, etc. Our vision and mission is to give clients their hands and feet back through Assistive and Adaptive technology. We want to give those catastrophically injured in our community their independence and freedom back.

The largest barrier between clients having this technology is funding and expenses. Assistive technology is expensive, as well as the instillation process. DMAN is ready to promote our new signature program and begin to grant this adaptative technology for patients in their homes.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply for this Tech Grant through DMAN, you must be catastrophically injured and a quadriplegic with little to no use of your hands or feet. You must also be economically distressed, and unable to afford this type of equipment.

If selected, the foundation will send an expert to your home to review a full assessment of needed equipment, software, and programs. Our expert will then report to DMAN to determine if you are a qualified candidate!